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Urla Park Panorama Houses located in Kekliktepe - Urla, where is only 25 kms away from Izmir city center and 3 min away from highway booths, is the most prestigious part of the town with its panoramic sea view and green landscape.

With their modern architecture Park Panorama Houses consist of uniquely designed (with respect to individual needs) boutique villas, each of which have been built on 1000-1500 m2 private land by using latest construction and isolation technologies.

Although the villas, that have been seperated from each other with famous Urla Stones, have been built in a form of warm complex; they yet hold individual title deed which gives their owners the freedom and flexibility to utilize from their properties in a way that they prefer.

Life in Urla is a trendy choice of residents in recent years. The number of people, who decide to run away from city crowd and pollution and enjoying the life in Urla, increase day by day. As being very close to city center and with its convenient location for transportation, Park Panorama Houses ensures you experience this joy by not detaching from city life. You willl desire stronly to reach your home after a tiring working day with a feeling as going on holidays.

In this peaceful and secure environment, you can start your day with a delicious breakfast in your lovely garden, get warm next to your the fireplace opposite to your panaromic view during winters, freshen up in your private swimming pool in summers or watch the city lights under your pergola. Enjoy this heaven…

The most beautiful
sunset is in Park Panorama…


  • Reinforced concrete skeleton structure riggrd out with hardy eqrthquake frames
  • Application of mat foundation (combined footing) despite of rocky
  • Use of C30 concrete and S320 steel
  • Water, heat and sound isolation in foundations and frames
  • Apsi aluminium automatic window shades
  • Heat and water isolation in terraces
  • Air condition installment
  • Fireplace
  • Paysage application
  • Swimming pool
  • Linn
  • Autopark


  • Water storage of 80 tonnes (with automatic cleaning system)
  • Granite parquet within roads
  • Water well at 218m
  • Power generator
  • Guard cabin and security

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Park Panorama Houses
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